Our Business Area

O2O Service Platform & Cloud based CRM/IoT Application

iCIGNAL Marketing
YelloMarket Mobile Platform


  • 20X Faster Development without Programing
  • Leading Technology for Industry 4.0
  • Location intelligence and Mobile marketing
  • Patented Rule based IoT Platform
  • Geofences, wifi, micro-location with beacon

iCIGNAL Marketing

  • Actionable Marketing
  • SMB CRM application based on Cloud & On-premise
  • Design, deliver and measure personalized marketing programs across all channels ( Omni-Channel eMail, SMS, Social, Mobile, etc )
  • Enhanced Field Marketing throughmobile edition

YelloMarket Mobile Platform

  • The first o2o PaaS platform
  • Support B2B2C application for o2o
  • Support various industries
  • All in One functionalities for o2o
  • Shopping Life Curation with IoT ( GPS, Cell, wifi, beacon, etc)
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